During an approximate 5 year period 1994-98 part of Hoskins’ body of work came into being as a project to be named the Book of Debris. -Literally, this was a scrap book continuing through several sizes of spiral bound drawing books and pads, composition books or other “editions” cobbled together from waste paper, packaging, junk mail and tape. Street litter is variously featured throughout. Some of this is “artistic” and much of it is not.  Here are relatively few examples, random pages and a few covers, from a pile of nearly 100 volumes. Altogether, as of 2016, 86 volumes are known to have survived.


the Book of Debris

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from Waterfront Week, Volume 7.6  March 27 -April 9, 1997 Williamsburg/Greenpoint: Artburger especially liked Book of Debris by Moses Hoskins, literally an archeologic/ecologic study of the debris on Canal Street that provides ample material evidence of the sweatshops, Chinatown, and fast food. There is also the irony of carefully turning the pages of a work of art that would be untouchable garbage on the street.