Saint Anthony Chaplet

-A modern version of a medieval prayer said on beads, featuring a scriptural meditation by Peter Huyck and artwork by Moses Hoskins.

The illustrations are collages in a series from 2000, rendered specifically for the chaplet. 

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words about the Saint Anthony Chaplet collages (presented as a statement of explanation with exhibition at Trinity Wall Street under the auspices of Trinity Wall Street Visual Arts during Lent & Easter, 2011):

I usually don't work on content directed pieces, such as The Chaplet. My collages almost always are made of found material, throwaways, or detritus and also usually involve drawing or "markings".

The Chaplet collages comprise an aesthetic response to specific content. -I had known Huyck since Iowa City days and so we had been acquainted for some years at the time this came together. During the later 90's he had asked if I might reconsider my initial refusal to "illustrate" this Saint Anthony Chaplet he had composed. My thought regarding all this was that it simply was not my cup of tea and practically speaking it would divert me from my usual work.

One day in '99 or '00 (I don't remember exactly) after looking through the text again, considering, perhaps contemplating, the 13 vignettes from the life and teachings of Jesus I began fiddling around with scrap at hand as I imagined a more intimate sense of the drift established from the sequence in the stillness of my studio at the time high above 8th Avenue. I was already familiar with the content from Bible stories of childhood, most of which defied rational explanation. Overall, essentially, it was about wonder and mystery -and faith. Within the next few hours, a cohesive series of 13 collages transpired. -mh

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photo by Michael Conroy